Can you bring pool floats on a cruise?

Embarking on a cruise is an exciting venture filled with the promise of relaxation, adventure, and perhaps a dip in the onboard pool. For those who love the idea of lounging on a floating yacht pool, the question arises: Can you bring pool floats on a cruise? Let’s set sail into the details to find out how you can make a splash without making waves.

Cruise Line Policies

The first port of call in determining whether you can bring pool floats on a cruise is to check the specific policies of the cruise line you’ve chosen. Cruise lines often have rules and regulations about the types of items passengers can bring onboard, and pool floats may or may not be explicitly mentioned.

yacht sea pool with net for boats

While the idea of relaxing on a floating yacht pool with your favorite inflatable may sound appealing, cruise lines prioritize passenger safety. Before allowing pool floats, they consider factors such as the size of the pool, the number of passengers, and potential interference with emergency procedures. Some cruise lines may permit small, easily manageable floats, while others might restrict larger or more elaborate inflatables.

Space Constraints

Another factor influencing the allowance of pool floats is the limited space onboard a cruise ship. Pools can become crowded, especially on sea days, and accommodating large or numerous floats might pose logistical challenges. Cruise lines may impose restrictions to ensure that all passengers can enjoy the pool areas comfortably.

Guidelines for Bringing Pool Floats

If the cruise line permits pool floats, there are likely to be guidelines to follow. These may include restrictions on size, type, and usage times. It’s essential to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth sailing experience for everyone on board.

Floating Yacht Pool Fun: Alternatives and Suggestions

If bringing your own pool float proves challenging due to cruise line policies or logistical constraints, fear not. Many cruise ships offer rental services for pool floats and other water-related amenities. This option allows you to enjoy the floating yacht pool experience without the hassle of bringing your own inflatable.

Additionally, consider exploring excursions or ports of call that offer unique floating experiences. Some destinations may have floating platforms or inflatable parks in the water, providing an alternative way to enjoy the thrill of being on the water.

In the world of cruising, the question of whether you can bring pool floats on board has varied answers depending on the cruise line and specific policies. While navigating these waters, always check with the cruise line in advance and be mindful of safety considerations and guidelines. Whether you float on your own inflatable or enjoy the onboard offerings, the key is to make a splash responsibly and ensure a smooth sailing experience for all passengers. Bon voyage and happy floating!


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