Qingyuan Xiangxiang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is an export enterprise specializing in the development, design, and manufacturing of inflatable products. We make high-quality products and ensure product quality. Products include: inflatable water games, water parks, inflatable bouncers, inflatable slides, inflatable tents, inflatable screens, inflatable military models. We have multiple factories in China and accept various large-volume orders. OEM/ODM is welcome.

TENTVT Purpose

Let customers buy cost-effective and high-quality inflatable products

TENTVT Brand Story

In 2007, our founder witnessed the production process of inflatable products and found that some manufacturers' inflatable products were of poor quality but sold at high prices. In order to achieve long-term friendly cooperation with international friends, we decided to create the brand TENTVT , committed to creating high-quality products for customers to buy at reasonable prices.

High-temperature heat sealing machine, the material interface is integrated to ensure that the product does not leak

inflatable product technology

Nylon double-needle needlework protects the product from the sun and rain and maintains strong tensile strength

inflatable technology

High-frequency heat sealing of accessories ensures that the accessories are firm and will not fall off

High-definition digital inkjet printing is film-resistant and does not fade in the sun or rain

Inflatable protective strip

Added protective strips, stainless steel eyelet connections, and nylon Velcro adhesive to extend product life

The bottom edge is wrapped to make the product stronger, and the stainless steel D ring is used to provide better outdoor windproof effect.


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